About Ambiance

     Hi, my name is Rachael Virzi, I started Ambiance Skin and Body in 2001. It was the best decision I made, such a rewarding career. I am still awe-inspired every day by how much the world of skin care continues to grow. To keep up , I strive to stay informed, so that I can pass along helpful information to my clients. I have enjoyed seeing how good skin care improves how we look and feel about ourselves. To see a client smile, pleased with the results of their skin is what encourages me to continue my craft. I am very passionate about being an esthetician and take great pride in helping people achieve the results they long for.

     During my beginning years as an esthetician I experimented with different skin care lines. Piecing together one product or another to better serve my clients needs. What I could not find available in products I formulated in the salon, using plant herbs and essential oils. At home I experimented with fruit and plant pulps, tea’s, sugars, oats and a whole lot more. What worked overall for my clients I could use in the treatment room for a day or two. Unfortunately, products with natural ingredients expire quickly…I needed to find a product line that had every component of what I was looking for.

     Luckily I came upon a wonderful company at a skin care convention that I was so impressed by. SKINSCRIPT. I had the opportunity to talk with the owner and the company educator, and touch and feel every product. I took sample products home and experimented with them. I could not believe the results I was seeing, a huge improvement in my own skin. The texture, the feel, the way my make-up sat on my skin after using these products was unsurpassed. The choice to bring SKINSCRIPT into my skin care salon and use in our services was an easy one. I wanted to share with everyone these same results.

     I am dedicated to provide the best ingredients possible for you, let me show you how.